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A clumsy local political campaign fights to avoid the damage caused by an enigmatic Internet rumor spread about their candidate 5 days before the election.

Short Description:

Democracy at Work is a satire that tells the story of a single day of a local political campaign in which an anonymous rumor is leaked on the Internet about their candidate. We follow three distinct perspectives reacting to the allegations: The campaign staff as they try to control the uncontrollable, the local media as they try to leverage the scandal for greater ratings, and an undecided voter who is easily swayed from one side to the other while barely paying attention. It is a commentary on the absurdity of the system.

Long Description:

Democracy at Work is a black comedy about the hilarious shortcomings of the American political process. It’s In The Loop meets Clerks. Our protagonist is the confident Ted Float, manager for the Richard O’Neal campaign running in the 69th district. Ted is being interviewed for print and can’t help but let slip that with only 5 days to go before voting day he has managed to steer the campaign into a comfortable 5 point lead. Ted is hopeful that O’Neal’s victory will drag him out of the world of local elections and land him a job leading a national campaign.

Across town, we meet the meek Steven Mime, a public radio host for W H O R. In a morning meeting, Steven is informed by his hung over producer Hector that Steven’s mundane political show, In Moderation can no longer compete with the ratings of local shock jock DP Dan. Hector, in an effort to boost ratings, has altered the show’s format to mimic the opinion based cable news model. If Steven can’t manage to liven up the discourse with his new liberal and conservative co-hosts, Hector will have no choice but to fire him.

The final thread to our ensemble story is Dr. Mike the lascivious undecided voter, who likes to tell people how important he thinks voting is while they sit in his dentist chair, but in actuality is more interested in running off to Vegas with his 19 year old assistant without letting his wife find out. All three characters’ lives collide when an enigmatic Internet rumor is leaked about the Richard O’Neal campaign. Ted desperately tries to contain the damage. Steven finds his voice and audience by discussing the rumor. Dr. Mike’s vote is swayed from one side to the other while Dr. Mike barely pays attention to anything besides his young hygienist.

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